Equipping Christians to be Gospel-Centered Citizens


Hi, I’m Josh Hershberger, an attorney, minister and speaker. I started The Good Citizen Project to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to be Gospel-centered citizens. The goal? To transform our communities, states and nation through the power of the Gospel. 


As Christians, we are called to follow Jesus in every area of our lives, including in our role as citizen. But, cultural pressure, partisan politics and culture warring have left many church leaders and other committed Christians conflicted about their role in the public square. 

I often hear these questions: “Should we engage at all?,” “Haven’t we lost the culture war?” and “How can we engage elected officials and public life without jeopardizing the Gospel?”

I launched The Good Citizen Project to answer these questions and to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to faithfully and effectively engage public life in our post-Christian culture (Matt. 28:16-20; Matt. 5:16). 


Step #1:

Understand Your Biblical Role as Citizen

Review Biblical principles concerning citizenship and apply those principles to American government.

Step #2:

Stay Current on Cultural and Legal Developments  

Be intentional with your screen time and stay up-to-date on cultural apologetics, legal developments and important political trends.


Pray for and Build Relationships with Elected Officials

Pray for, build relationships with and partner with your elected officials at the local, state and national levels.

Step #4:

Strategically Solve Community Problems

Strategically identify and work with others to solve your community’s worst problems such as the opioid crisis, foster care, etc.

Step #5:

 Engage in Public Life with a Focus on the Gospel

Transform your city, state and nation by seeking the common good and confidently promoting Biblical principles in the public square.



We regularly speak at churches and at events on Gospel-centered citizenship in post-Christian America.


We create resources to assist the church in impacting local communities and the public square.

Legal Partnerships

We legally partner with ministries so they can confidently focus on impacting their communities.

Download an Ebook we’ve written for you.

The Good Citizen

Do you want to impact your community and engage in public life without jeopardizing the gospel? In this ebook, The Good Citizen, we’ll walk you through five practical steps to becoming a gospel-centered citizen in post-Christian America.


Here are our latest blog posts and podcast episodes:


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The Good Citizen Project is just that--a project or, stated differently, a collaborative and ongoing effort to navigate Christian citizenship and live out the gospel in post-Christian America. To that end, we often look back to notable Christians for their example and...

#134 Look to the Stars: A Reminder for 2020

This years began with the certainty of a very divisive election, but quickly turned complicated. The COVID-19 pandemic, shutdown orders, government funding, religious liberty and liability concerns related to reopening, the death of Auhmed Arbery, the death of George...

#133 A Biblical Roadmap for Engaging Racial Injustice with Courtney Montgomery and Pastor Matthew Hodge

I am convinced that the church should be leading on the issue of racial unity and justice because all people are created in the image of God and are, therefore, worthy of equal dignity and respect (Genesis 1:26-27). This week, I have observed a lot of push back on the...

#132 What Can We Do About Injustice and George Floyd’s Death? with Pastor Andrew Hunt

Racial bias is America’s most enduring and intractable problem (and, I might add a stronger word—sin). Many Americans, including this one, were grieved by George Floyd’s death. And, in response, protests and then riots have swept the nation with a strength and fury...

#131 Combating Loneliness & Building Community During the COVID-19 Crisis with Pastor Michael Johnson, Missy Johnson & Carissa Hershberger

During a recent conversation with a U.S. Senator, I asked this question, "How can churches help during this crisis?" I was surprised by his response. Instead of pointing out food needs, low blood reserves, or healthcare concerns, he pointed out something much more,...

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